TO ALL NEW USERS – Tell me what you are wanting from CLOUDFUSIONNOW – are you waiting to order a training when back in stock or what?

Tell Us How You Like Our Oracle CLOUD Training

Everyone that has recently joined, please leave a post here and let us know what you are wanting out of CLOUDFUSIONNOW…

We strive to provide the best training for everyone interested in becoming a certified Oracle Cloud Consultant – Our latest round of sales are out of this world awesome!

Current sales pricing is giving you ALL Oracle Cloud SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS access so that you can train on anything and everything Oracle Cloud.

We have put together over 800 videos that will walk you through everything required so that you know each module in Oracle Cloud and are able to pass your Oracle cloud certification testing.

Oracle Cloud HCM track – this track allows you to learn everything about Oracle HCM with full hands-on within a live Vision instance of Oracle HCM Cloud. We change our passwords weekly but we allow you to have full access in a live Oracle HCM CLoud so that you can learn while doing. Follow through a video and then alt-tab back to your Oracle HCM Cloud instance and do the steps you just learned in the training video.

We provide the full set of learning and we also provide access to Oracle Guidede Learning paths and Oracle ilearning.

So don’t wait, sign up and purchase your Oracle Cloud Training course today!

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